Which Board Do We Need?

People with neurodiverse minds or hidden disabilities experience a wide range of challenges.

We’ve tried, below, to help you find the right board for your situation by matching certain challenges that occur regularly for our customers with the boards that were used to find a solution.

weekly timetable board

Meltdowns due to events and activities:

Anxieties over school, Morning routine, Changes in routine, Transitions, Changes to agreed activities such as what’s for tea, Medical appointments, Social events

Parents and carers have reported a significant reduction in meltdowns by using the Weekly Visual Timetable.

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Meltdowns due to new situations:

School, Hospital, Dentist, Cinema, Family day out, Shopping

Parents, carers and teachers have reported a significant reduction in meltdowns by using a Now and Next Board (also known as a Routine Board or a First and Then Board).

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Can’t focus, organise or finish tasks:

Easily distracted, Don’t know what to do next, No sense of achievement

Parents, employees and supervisors have reported a significant reduction in stress and an improvement both in performance and in wellbeing by using a Personal planning Board.

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School, Work, Relationships, Loneliness, Debt, Health

Parents, carers, employees and teachers have found that helping the people in their care by addressing things that worry them using the Worry Board has had a positive effect on the person’s wellbeing.

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Impulsive Behaviours:

Shouting out, Hitting, Interrupting, Antisocial behaviour

Parents, carers, teachers and professionals have reported a reduction in impulsive behaviours by using a React and Think board.

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Difficulty with social behaviours:

Personal space, Self-care, Personal safety, Perspective, Politeness

Parents, carers, teachers and professionals have reported a positive impact on social understanding using the Sometimes / Other People Board.

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