Personalisable Now and Next Board Size A4 with 4 pockets


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The OurBoards A4 personalisable Now and Next Board is a lightweight, rigid, dry-wipe board and associated Gecko self cling pockets. It will help you to help those in your care to complete specific tasks and learn to be more independent.

A Now and Next Board is a visual strategy used to help children and adults with language difficulties, behavioural issues, SEND or dementia to complete specific tasks.

Typical tasks that can be managed with a Now and Next board include morning routine, evening routine, leaving the house, taking medicine and “how to” tasks such simple food preparation. 

For daily or weekly visual timetables please see our Visual Timetables page.

The personalisable Now and Next Board Size A4 with 4 pockets includes:

  • A4 board size = 30cm x 42cm
  • 4 x  95mm x 60mm pockets


How to personalise your Now and Next board

A Now and Next board can be used for many different applications so we have made this board easy to personalise and easy to use.

  1. Download photographs or clip art from the internet or take your own photographs and upload them to your computer.
  2. Print the images. Tip: If you’re using a Windows PC then printing nine pictures to a page using the Wallet (9) template makes the pictures just about the correct size for the pockets.
  3. Cut out your pictures and place them in the Gecko pockets
  4. Remove the backing sheet from the pockets and place them in the correct order in the green column on the board
  5. Show the user the board and go through each picture with them and make sure that they understand what each picture represents
  6. As the user completes each task they move the picture from the green column to the red column to show that it’s been done
  7. Finally, reset the board by moving all the pockets back to the green column


OurBoards Now and Next Board for Morning Routine


  • Dry Wipe
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A4 board size = 21cm x 30cm
  • 4 x A8 Gecko self cling pockets


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 210 × 300 mm