Personal Planning Board



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Use the drop down lists above to select an alternative border colour and whether you would like the layout with the Important dates panel or not.

The Personal Planning Board comes in 2 layouts with a choice of 6 border colours. The kit includes 18 moveable, dry-wipe Gecko notes, a fine dry wipe marker and marker holder.

A Personal Planning Board can help reduce your daily stress by helping you to manage your tasks and activities.

Use the “To Do”, “Doing” and “Done” columns to focus on the priorities of the day and feel the satisfaction of moving a task into the “Done” column.



Your Personal Planning Board is great for home, home office or office use.

Personal Planning Board Features:

  • Size A3 (approx 42 cm wide x 30 cm high)
  • Printed dry wipe board with laminated surface
  • 3 column landscape design with columns and headers
  • 3 x Grey task notes
  • 3 x Blue task notes
  • 3 x Yellow task notes
  • 3 x Orange task notes
  • 3 x Green task notes
  • 3 x Red task notes
  • Fine black dry marker pen and pen holder


  • Manage your tasks and events
  • Focus on the important tasks without forgetting the rest
  • Helpful reminders
  • Feel good about the things that you’ve already done
  • Two layouts
  • Six colours to choose from
  • Easy to use dry wipe Gecko task notes
  • A3 board has a dry-wipe surface


ADHD Foundation“These highly flexible and creative products are ideally suited to support planning and organisational skills for supporting children with ADHD, Autism and a range of other learning difficulties (neurodevelopmental) conditions”
Dr. Tony Lloyd PhD
CEO ADHD Foundation

Materials matter

The 3 Column Personal Planning Board is manufactured as a sandwich consisting of a 3mm thick, strong, lightweight expanded foam base with a dry wipe laminate surface that enables you to write and wipe time and time again. Boards and Gecko notes are suitable for use with most dry wipe pens.

“Gecko” laminate is so called because it is based on technology that mimics the tiny pads on a Gecko’s foot. “Gecko” laminate is an amazing new material, unique to OurBoards, that sticks to most smooth surfaces, such as laminated surfaces, wood, glass, whiteboards and smooth painted walls.

Additional Gecko Task Notes

Larger Planning Board?

If you like the idea of a personal planning board but need something a little larger, you might like to look at the Personal Kanban Board.


Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 420 × 297 × 3 mm

With Important Dates Panel, Without Important Dates Panel

Frame Colour

Aqua, Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Red