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An OurBoards First and Then Board (also called a Now and Next Board) is a lightweight, rigid, dry-wipe board that will help you to help those in your care to complete specific tasks.

A First and Then Board is a visual strategy used to help children and adults with language and/or behaviour needs complete specific tasks.

How to use

This strategy can work to displays two pictures, one on either side of the board. The “first” is usually a picture of a non-preferred activity and the “then” is a picture of a preferred activity.

You can also use the board with  multiple pictures, and move them from left to right as tasks are completed

Optional accessories

The OurBoards First and Then board can be enhanced with OurBoards Gecko pockets. The A4 board works with up to 4 x 95mm x 60mm pockets and the A3 board works with up to 6 x A7 pockets.

A4 First And Then Board with 95x60 Pockets A3 First And Then Board with A7 Pockets


  • Dry Wipe
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A4 board size = 21 cm x 30 cm
  • A3 board size = 30xm x 42 cm


Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 210 × 298 mm
Board Size

A3, A4