3M Command™ Large Picture and Mirror Hanging Strips. Holds 1.8kg – (4 sets of strips)


The 3M Command™ Large Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips, holds 1.8kg for each pair of strips used and are perfect for easily wall mounting OurBoards, mirrors and pictures.

No drilling and no need for a skilled maintenance person. One individual can mount the item on the wall.

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Easy to wall mount with drilling

3m command large picture hanging strips

Boards, mirrors and pictures can easily be wall mounted using 3M Command strips. Many houses and office buildings create a high demand on DIY or the “maintenance team” which can lead to long waiting times to have traditional wall mounted items installed. With 3M Command strips these things can easily be mounted, without specialist support, onto painted walls, tiles, cupboards, over existing whiteboards or onto glass partitions. Items can be taken down and moved with no residue or damage to the wall surface. 

We don’t recommend that you use 3M Command strips on soft wallpapers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Put up and take down items as often as you want, without the fear of marking or damaging walls.
  • Hang your OurBoards, mirrors and pictures straight and level.
  • 1 pack includes 4 pairs of interlocking adhesive strips.
  • Once adhesive bonds, push the two strips together – each pair holds up to 1.8kg (4 strips in the pack hold up to 7.2kg).
  • Once applied, pull apart and reattach as often as you like.
  • Easy to put up – no need for nails or screws.
  • Easy to remove – innovative stretch release technology leaves no surface damage.
  • Suitable for most smooth surfaces including painted walls, tiles, metal and wood
  • Strips remove cleanly without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue
  • Use more than 1 pair of large strips to hold:
    • 1 Set = 1.8Kg (4lbs)
    • 2 Sets = 3.6Kg (8lbs)
    • 4 Sets = 7.2Kg (16lbs)

For more information & inspiration, please visit www.commandstrips.co.uk:

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