Classroom Behaviour Board Pack (inc 40 Gecko name tags)


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Because we believe that consistency and positivity are the two key drivers of successful behaviour management, OurBoards has teamed up with experienced educational professional Steve Bassett to design a beautiful Behaviour Board that, when used consistently and positively in every classroom and teaching space, delivers a simple and elegant whole-school solution to managing and encouraging positive attitudes to learning and behaviour.

The expectation at the start of a new day is that every child will come to school ready and willing to learn and behave well, and thereafter, as the day unfolds, the movement of their name up or down the scale by the teacher is entirely dependent on how they approach their learning and the choices they make and the responsibility they take about their own behaviour.

The use of our Behaviour Boards can be easily linked to a school’s existing system of recognition, celebration, awards, rewards and sanctions and, after an introduction, perhaps in assembly, and with one in every classroom and teaching area, we believe that a consistent and positive whole-school approach to successful behaviour management can be achieved very quickly.

Case Study

Once established, we then bought the boards as produced by “OurBoards” and they continue to make a very positive contribution to the much-improved standard of behaviour throughout the school.”

ST and CW – Acting Co-Headteachers -Berkshire

Classroom Behaviour Boards – Case Study

How to use the OurBoards Behaviour Board

Download a sample Behaviour Policy using OurBoards Behaviour Boards document.


The OurBoards Behaviour Board comes with 40 Gecko name tags.


  • Dry Wipe
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 40 Gecko name tags
  • Board size = 46.0 cm x 32.5 cm


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Weight 350 g
Dimensions 460 × 325 mm
Board Size

A3, A4