9 Square Blank Grid Mat With Off White Background


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The 9 Square Grid mat is designed as a resource for teaching maths. It can also be used for games such as noughts and crosses.

The Off White background makes this mat most suitable for use with the Wood frame design tabletop OurBoards.

OurBoard mats are manufactured with a base layer of “Gecko” laminate. Gecko laminate is an amazing new material that sticks to most smooth surfaces, such as wood, glass, whiteboards and smooth painted walls. “Gecko” laminate gives an an optimum combination of ease of use and function and provides options to suit your particular environment. The surface of the “Gecko” laminate is a dry wipe laminate that enables you to write and wipe time and time again. Only dry wipe pens and cleaning sprays should be used.


  • “Gecko” base layer
  • Dry Wipe
  • Off White background


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Weight 70 g
Dimensions 695 × 394 mm