100 Square Blank Grid Mat With Blue Gradient Background

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Dry wipe surface is SEN and autism friendly and allows children to easily correct mistakes without becoming upset.

Self cling backing enables the mat to stick to a desk, whiteboard or most cupboards and yet is easy to remove.

Size approx 60cm x 40xm enables easy use for a wide range of ages as individuals or for group work.

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The 100 Square Blank Grid mat can be a valuable teaching aid across the age ranges, starting with pattern building by the children then leading into simple sequencing of both colour and number. As their skills develop the 100 Square Blank Grid mat can then be used to support different elements of maths, anything from fractions to long division, addition and subtraction. The blank dry wipe squares allow the child to self-correct and take control of their own work without the need to constantly cross out or throw away sheets of paper.

The mat is not just designed with children in mind, adults who are looking for support with numbers will enjoy using the mats. The smooth, tactile surface will appeal to those who dislike a rough uneven surface to write on, its predictably the same every time you use it.

If used in conjunction with other OurBoards products the blue gradient background makes this mat most suitable for use with the Colour Blocks and Stationery frame design tabletop OurBoards.

OurBoard mats are manufactured with a base layer of “Gecko” laminate. Gecko laminate is an amazing new material that sticks to most smooth surfaces, such as wood, glass, whiteboards and smooth painted walls. “Gecko” laminate gives an an optimum combination of ease of use and function and provides options to suit your particular environment. The surface of the “Gecko” laminate is a dry wipe laminate that enables you to write and wipe time and time again. Only dry wipe pens and cleaning sprays should be used.


  • “Gecko” base layer
  • Dry Wipe
  • Blue gradient background


Classroom Story

Topic on converting between fractions, decimals and percentages

Received from Covenant Christian School In Stockport: Our older children have begun a topic on converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.

One of the key parts of teaching this subject is that children have a clear understanding that fractions, decimals and percentages work around a base 100. Having the blank 100 square mat that the children could work on in groups was a brilliant resource. The squares were large enough to fit multi-link cubes which the children used to fill every square. They then had to fill in a table showing the total number of each cube, the fraction for each colour and then the percentage.

The following lesson, we used the mat to do quick warms up by colouring in sections and finding out what percentage the children coloured in. This was then linked to place value and writing a percentage as a decimal. The children did some quick warms up on the A4 mats which were transferred easily to our working wall. The children all said by the end of the activity that they clearly understood what percentage meant and could demonstrate their understanding with ease.

This flexible resource meant I (the teacher) did not have to print large numbers of blank 100 squares that the children (as any teacher will know) would spend half the lesson just colouring in. As a dry-wipe board, the children could make notes directly onto the board together and easily correct any mistakes as their understanding was developing. It was engaging and the children were excited to take part.
The activity was quick and got straight to the heart of the maths.

Being a large mat, the children could easily work together in groups either on the table or on the floor, promoting discussion of ideas and helping them to build on each other’s learning. A great resource for an often very daunting topic!

Thanks OurBoards

Covenant 100 square mat with multi link cubes 090218

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