OurBoards “Gecko” accessories are reusable, durable, and stick without glue


The accessories which form part of OurBoards kits and complement the extensive board range include “gecko notes” and “gecko pockets”. Gecko accessories are made from a material innovated at OurBoards, and their unique properties include:

Sticks without glue!

The non-adhesive grip is achieved with suction pad technology hence the name gecko. It mimics the tiny pads on a Gecko’s foot, a reptile renowned for the ability to hold itself on smooth, vertical surfaces.

User friendly and reusable

No messy glue layer ensures gecko notes are user friendly and reusable time after time.

Drywipe writing surface

Gecko notes have a drywipe surface allowing for messages to be written on and then wiped off at will.

Works on multiple surfaces

As well as for standard use on an OurBoard, gecko notes can also be displayed on a range of surfaces including glass, doors and desks, in fact many smooth flat surfaces.

Clean Remove

No residue marks are left when a gecko note is removed, meaning you can leave a surface as clean as you found it.

Gecko Pockets

Gecko pockets have the same non-adhesive grip as gecko notes, with the added feature of a clear wallet that allows you to display printed material.

Fantastic for those who struggle with verbal communication, the personalised images can be printed via a desktop printer then inserted into the pocket.