Working Wall

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The new OurBoards Working Wall is an asset to every classroom.

No longer will you need to keep replacing backing paper and boarders then cutting and preparing card and paper to attach to the wall. Your OurBoard does that all for you. It’s magnetic, dry wipe and completely reusable. It comes with magnetic notes, pockets and icons that allow you to record the children’s work during the lesson and immediately display it.

Wipe clean your OurBoard for each new lesson or simply add more notes to your OurBoard to show continuous progression. Photograph your OurBoard to keep a record of the lesson and include photographic evidence as an attractive addition to your children’s books.

Children can work independently using their own personal colourful, A4, magnetic, dry wipe sheet and then add their sheet to the Working Wall. You can use notes and write on the OurBoard to make comments on the children’s work. Papers that you have prepared beforehand can simply be placed into a clear plastic pocket and will magnetically attach to the working wall.

Children who demonstrate high quality work or strong effort can be encouraged by placing their photograph in one of the magnetic award pockets and mounted, magnetically on the working wall..

Keep lesson preparation down to a minimum, your OurBoard working wall is a simple and efficient use of a teacher’s time.

The selection of brightly coloured OurBoards designs enable you to choose OurBoards to complement your classroom.

The OurBoard working wall works in conjunction with OurBoard table top boards. A wide range of subject mats can be purchased for the table top OurBoards making learning fun and interactive. Children can work in small groups or with a learning partner and their work can be simply displayed to the whole class.



We have four frame designs available and two backgrounds: