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Help the children and adults in your care to develop independence and conversation skills?

Using an OurBoards Visual Timetable board can help the children, or adults in in your care, to understand the activities coming up, either today or this week. By using a flexible, visual tool you can support them to make their own choices. As well as future activities, the board is designed to enable you, or them, to update the timetable with what has happened. Using the visual timetable to talk through the week coming and the activities done encourages conversation skills, which enhance relationships outside immediate family and carers. 

OurBoards Visual Timetables are quicker to prepare, easier to use and more robust than paper based timetables. The layout of the board has been designed, in conjunction with professionals and parents, to combine distinct spaces for pictures and notes whilst not overwhelming senses.

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Three versions of Visual Timetables are available:

  • Table Top Daily Timetable
  • Table Top Weekly Timetable
  • Wall Mounted Weekly Timetable


How to use Visual Timetables

Every person is different and the content of the visual timetable will therefore vary enormously. Here are some examples of how we would imagine them being used. The images can be mounted on the boards using blue tack or, for additional ease of use and convenience, using our optional accessory A7 Gecko Self-Cling Pockets.

OurBoards Wall Mounted Weekly Visual Schedule Board - Example 2OurBoards Wall Mounted Weekly Visual Schedule Board - ExampleOurBoards Table Top Weekly Visual Schedule Board - Example OurBoards Table Top Daily Visual Schedule Board - Example


There are three designs to choose from.