Group Work

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Being light and easy to handle the tabletop OurBoard is a brilliant addition to any classroom. It works alongside the OurBoard working wall, allowing the children to contribute to the lesson they are in. Due to the flexibility of the OurBoards and innovative design, OurBoards can be effortlessly incorporated into any Early Years, Key Stage 1 or Key Stage 2 setting.

Using a standard dry wipe pen the children can work with learning partners or in small groups to record their ideas either on the OurBoards themselves or on one of the many different magnetic mats that can be purchased for specific subjects.

Children will find the OurBoards exciting and motivating when working together within their groups. The OurBoards are large enough for a group of children to work on together, developing and sharing ideas for a project. At the same time, the OurBoards are easy to handle so magnetic mats can be removed and placed on the Working Wall at any time during a lesson without requiring support from an adult.


There are four designs to choose from.

Tabletop OurBoards are colourful, engaging, fun and just the right size help children to learn together. The Group Work Application pack comes with four mats in the appropriate colour for your chosen board design:

OurBoard venn mat blue gradient     OurBoard 100 square grid mat cream     OurBoard storyboard mat blue gradient     OurBoard phonics mat off white