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Bradshaw Hall Speech & Language Centre is a specialist provision offering time limited places (1-2 years) for primary aged children with severe speech and language difficulties. These may be with expressive language, receptive language or severe speech sound difficulties.

The centre offers flexible, small group teaching by experienced and qualified staff. Teaching sessions focus on listening and attending, they often involve play and social interaction and are tailored to encourage the development of each pupil’s language skills. The teaching programme follows the national curriculum, including literacy and numeracy and is well differentiated to meet individual pupil needs. Children join with their mainstream peers for some lessons each week and receive daily speech therapy sessions.

Speech & Language

The new OurBoards were a very popular addition to the speech and language classroom both with children and staff. Many of the children are tactile in their approach to something new in the classroom, so the smooth, friction free, movement of the whiteboard pen was immediately inspiring. Using the Table Top boards in the small group teaching opened new opportunities for the children to engage with their own learning. The flexible mats, being simple to use, allows teachers to continue supporting one child while others worked independently on the purpose designed mats.

The hard-wearing durability of the mats has been put to the test by the children who don’t always understand the need to take care when using them, this being a good example of why we want to produce a product of such high quality. One of the advantages of this high quality means that the teaching staff can leave the Table Top boards out for wet lunch and play times, knowing that they will withstand constant handling and the children can have fun.

The Speech and Language Unit are continuing to use the OurBoard table top mats as part of their small Phonics groups and in other areas of teaching. This helps to engage the children and encourage their learning in a fun and enjoyable way.

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