People First EducationThe OurBoards Behaviour and Anxiety Intervention Tools have been designed in partnership with Andrew Whitehouse of People First Education.

“If you manage behaviour, you’ll spend the rest ofyour life managing behaviour. If you manage behaviour you’re just firefighting. Behaviour Management is not about dealing with issues as they arise, it’s about avoiding issues in the first place.” Andrew Whitehouse.

Andrew is a TEDx speaker, a Special Educational Needs trainer, consultant and intervention specialist. He is a specialist in Neurological Disorders and provides therapy for: Attachment Disorders, ADHD, Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome and related conditions. He has a number of roles including training education professionals in schools and colleges, observing young people in the learning environment and providing intervention strategies, working directly with young people to help them achieve their potential.

OurBoards has been privileged to turn some of Andrew’s resources into products that can be used in a range of settings.

Have you ever had the experience of knowing that a child in your care was really worried about something…

but not knowing how to get him to talk about those worries…

so that you can help him to do something about them?

Listen to how this teacher uses OurBoards Intervention boards to do just that.

(Click on the CC at the bottom of the video to turn on the subtitles/closed captions)

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Many people are able to manage their own thoughts, emotions and behaviours, others are not and will benefit from professional support and visual tools that supplement their own cognitive functioning. At OurBoards we believe, passionately, that using external visual tools to support executive functioning is not a sign a weakness or failure but simply a different way of processing information.

The Behaviour and Anxiety Intervention Tools that we offer are for use by an individual with support from a mental health professional, teacher or parent. We intend that they will used by an individual, with support, rather than “done to” them.

Each of the boards in the tool set can be used by itself as a dry-wipe board, using the design to structure communication. In order to enhance the visual learning benefits we supply a range of Gecko accessories. These are self cling pockets, notes and tags of various colours that enable a person to communicate in manageable phrases and use colour to supplement that information where appropriate. These accessories also provide a kinaesthetic element to the communication, supporting retention.

As a psychologist working with adults within the criminal justice system, for some of the clients the boards are really helpful and allow them to ‘see’ their views and thoughts clearly. These have been very useful in sessions, especially when planning in practical strategies to help them manage their daily lives. The clients were genuinely intrigued by them and eager to use them. Psychologist, Manchester

Whatever / Inspired

When meeting a professional this board will help a person to communicate their likes and dislikes, what inspires them and “whatever”.

Anxiety Assessment

This board will help someone to process their anxieties and analyse those that they can do nothing about, those for the future and those that they can do something about.

How would I?

Having established those anxieties that can possibly be managed, this board will enable a person, working with a professional, to visualise a plan of what to do in order to achieve a desired result.

React / Think

When a person encounters an event or situation they need to react quickly or think about an appropriate response. This board will help a  person, with the support of a professional, to work through situations that they might encounter and consider the best response. The visual and kinaesthetic use of this board will help some people to retain their considered response better than if it were only verbalised.

Sometimes… / Other people…

This board and accessories is designed to help some people to process their behaviours, how they impact other people, what they might do to change their behaviour and why that benefit them and others.

Top / Middle / Bottom

Used in conjunction with the other boards, this will help a person to prioritise their behaviours, set objectives to work on and celebrate achievements.