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OurBoards printed, dry-wipe, wall mounted and tabletop boards are practical, flexible and visually appealing classroom resources. OurBoards can be supplied with a range of accessories, designed to support SEN and mainstream teaching for key lessons; Literacy, Numeracy, Science, SPAG, Topic, etc.

OurBoards wall mounted boards are perfect for use as Working Walls and Display Boards. The incredible Gecko Laminate accessories support the process of preparing multi-sensory lessons and mounting children’s work during the lesson. Where appropriate, children can be empowered to put their own work on the Working Wall.

Who would use an OurBoard? Early Years, Keystage 1, Keystage 2, Keystage 3, Keystage 4, sixteen plus, special needs, teachers, home educators.

How Schools Are Using OurBoards

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Bradshaw Hall Primary School Charnwood Nursery and Family Centre Covenant Christian School Oakgrove Primary SEMH School  st michaels school  Priestnall School Newbridge Day Centre Stockport   Challenging Primary School in Berkshire

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9 reasons to use visuals

The above infographic is show courtesy of Kristin Wiens. You can find Kristin on Twitter @kwiens62.

Educational Consultant Partner ProgrammeOurBoards is actively looking for Educational / School Improvement Consultants to work with, in particular with respect to Learning Walls.

OurBoards will work with educational consultants, for mutual profit, to deliver learning improvement programmes into schools, based around OurBoards products, to improve quality and consistency of learning.

OurBoards will get revenue from selling products, consultants will get revenue from consultancy fees and commission on products.

Read more about the OurBoards Consultant Partner Programme.

Draft Learning Wall Design“Take your pupils’ progress and your teachers’ teaching to another level with our Key Stage 2 ‘Learning Walls’ packs for Maths, English, Science and ‘Topic’.

Our packs include everything a teacher will need to create, within minutes, a subject-specific Learning Wall for each core subject which will bring structure and focus to their lessons, improving pupil engagement and teacher effectiveness.

When used in every classroom and teaching/learning area, they help to provide a consistent learning environment throughout the school, aiding pupil transition from class to class and making it easier for pupils and teachers when they ‘move-up’ from year to year.

Book a free, 45 minute presentation by our consultant, a former primary Headteacher and School Improvement specialist.

Read more about  OurBoards Learning Walls.

Open Arms International SchoolWe are delighted to be able to support Open Arms International.

For most parents and children in Kenya, a quality education is the doorway out of poverty and into a more prosperous future. Unfortunately, many families cannot afford to send their children to school. Those children who are given the opportunity to attend school consider it a great privilege and are conscientious and dedicated, working hard to realise their dream.

Open Arms International’s education programme gives needy children in the Mlango community an opportunity to attend Open Arms Academy.

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