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Do you enjoy the buzz of closing deals?

Do you get the excitement of seeing accounts developing?

Do you like the thrill of seeing your bonus coming closer?

Do you want to see how your team are doing at a glance?


The OurBoards Sales Planning Board will help you to visualise your sales opportunities and to know what’s happening with your prospects. Replace your old whiteboard with one that is purposefully designed to help you visualise your key sales targets. Most of us think and plan visually, so get a tool that matches how you work.


I am currently using two OurBoards, one as a Kanban – development prioritisation board and the other for our sales pipeline.

The boards are a fantastic way to visualise both processes, so at a glance I can see where we are at with a certain client or where something might be blocked. In my view, this does not replace my CRM system but instead compliments it. They have the added bonus of being motivational too as everybody across departments can see what is happening. The company was easy to deal with and respectful of my logo guidelines; thoroughly recommend. Susan Cooney, MahiFX

For Sales Managers:

Have your team use the OurBoards Sales Planning Board for selected key accounts to visualise your most important prospects. Alternatively, if each member of your team has their own board you will have visibility of all your accounts and prospects.

When your sales team uses OurBoards Sales Planning Boards you will have immediate and up-to-date visibility of the progress and value of each account. You will be able to judge for yourself whether each team member is like to achieve their targets.

 sales planning boards manager

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect. – William Clement Stone

sales planning boards team member

For Sales Team Members:

Success in sales is not luck, it’s about process and hard work.

An OurBoards Sales Planning Board will help you to visualise and prioritise your tasks, all day every day.

Having the next activity on each of your accounts right in front of you will help you to stay on task and stay motivated in a way that computer based systems just don’t do.

How to use the OurBoards Sales Planning Board:

First select the accounts and prospects that you wish to plan for, write the account names on the headers provided and stick them on the board. Then use the colour coded notes to add your current knowledge of each account and what you want to do next.

  1. Research (grey): For each account place a grey note on the account square, under the header, for each piece of information that you don’t know. Typical research tasks include key contacts, competitor products, basic needs etc. Use a separate grey note for each research task and write a brief note of what the task is about.
  2. Contact (blue): Once you have a name of a contact then add a blue note with their name and, possibly, a note of what you want to talk to them about. Add a blue note for each contact you have at an account. Remove grey research notes as you add contacts.
  3. Meeting (yellow): When a meeting is arranged with a contact replace the blue note with a yellow one with the name of the contact and the date of the meeting. Possibly add a short note as to what the meeting is about.
  4. Quote (orange): Once your meeting, or meetings, result in a live project or a request for a quote then replace the meeting note with an orange note. Add the name of the contact, the value of the quote and the date it should be submitted by.
  5. Won (green): This is the point of the whole process. When you win the order, replace the orange note with the green, for everybody to see. Add the name of the contact, the amount of the business won. Then, if possible, add more grey notes to research others opportunities in the account.
  6. Red (lost): We don’t really like these but they can help to prompt discussion as to why the business was lost and whether colleagues could do anything to support you on the next bid.


Of course, you don’t have to stick, slavishly, to our suggested process, you can adapt how you use your OurBoards Sales Planning Board to suit your particular sales process.  And don’t be afraid to ask for support. Encourage colleagues to look at your board and suggest information that could be of use to you.

Click on the image to read about how Advanced Valve Solutions are using the sales planning boards

Sales Planning Boards  buy now

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