Advanced Valve Solutions UK Ltd (AVS) provides engineering solutions to the power generation, oil & gas and petrochemical industries. Sales range from long term plant enhancement projects to quick turnaround spare parts.

Like many businesses, AVS has a CRM system to manage prospects, quotations and orders. Like many sales people, those at AVS are visual thinkers so, it’s probably fair to say, the CRM system can be a chore as much as a help.

In February, the first OurBoards Sales Planning Board was installed. Like any new process, at first the colours all seemed a bit confusing so a key was created and the steps in the suggested sales process were explained. All sales people have their own style and personality but for many companies the basic process is very similar: research, contact, meeting, quote, order. Paul Holland, Northern Area Sales Manager, was very happy to be the first to trial the Sales Planning Board. He chose several target prospects and added the Gecko notes to represent each activity for those prospects. Three weeks later Paul sent me a photo of the board with various updates including a nice green, Order Won, note.

“I’m a visual thinker so it really helps to have the board above my desk giving me an immediate view of what’s happening and what I need to do next. We have a tele-appointer in the sales office so part of her role is to look at my blue, contact notes and make appointments with them. She then replaces the blue notes with the yellow, meeting notes and adds the date of the meeting. I still use the company CRM but the OurBoard is much more visual.”

In March I received an email from Paul:

“We are so happy with the board that we would like three more. Please quote us.”

Business for AVS has been good, so the new boards were installed a couple of weeks later, in new, larger offices to accommodate additional staff and create new facilities.

AVS Managing Director, Rik Barry, now has immediate sight of progress on all the major prospects and accounts.

“It’s easy to see how the business is performing against plan and to get a feel of whether we are on target. The OurBoards are helping to manage and motivate the sales team.”

AVS are now trialling an event planning board for their new initiative to provide Professional Training Courses.

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