Whether it’s a company process like making and dispatching products, a departmental project such as software development, a personal task like event planning or running your own small business, OurBoards Kanban boards can help improve your motivation and effectiveness whilst reducing stress and anxiety.


I am currently using two OurBoards, one as a Kanban board for software development prioritisation and the other for our sales pipeline.

The boards are a fantastic way to visualise both processes, so at a glance I can see where we are at with a certain client or where something might be blocked. In my view, this does not replace my CRM system but instead compliments it. They have the added bonus of being motivational too as everybody across departments can see what is happening.

The company was easy to deal with and respectful of my logo guidelines; thoroughly recommend!
Susan Cooney, MahiFX


We live in a busy world; our day to day lives filled with a multitude of tasks. How do we cope with so many things whirling in our minds?

Owen, a project manager in Stockport writes: I have found that Kanban boards, in particular my OurBoards Kanban Board is a much more powerful tool than simple lists on a piece of paper for a number of reasons; firstly placed on a wall in my office it is a daily reminder of the work I am doing and the progress I am making, secondly a red gecko card on the Kanban board will prompt a manager in the office to see if there is anything that they can do to help turn that red into a green, thirdly the gecko cards are re-usable and finally it makes me feel like I am in control over the work I am doing. Read the full post.

Priestnall Cover Board Final Design Start and End of DayWe are all too aware of the financial and systemic barriers to provision of special needs services in schools. As a new curriculum support manager, making day-to-day arrangements for our teaching assistants and other support staff, I was conscious of having to rethink our ways of working in this austere climate.

Although the school already has a strong selection and induction programme for new staff, I became increasingly aware of our need to provide more flexible support and get more from the resources available. The board is a simple but effective way to communicate priority of need on a lesson-by-lesson basis. It displays the students and classes that require support, observation, urgent intervention and so on, with colourful ‘gecko’ notes that can be moved around once a member of staff has completed a task.

I can direct and develop my team without being in constant demand!
Julie Kennelly, Curriculum Support Manager, Priestnall School, Stockport. Read the full post.

Improve motivation and effectiveness whilst reducing the anxiety and stress associated with managing projects and processes


OurBoards Kanban Boards will help you to manage your production planning, project management, event planning or personal work schedule more easily and more clearly than using a whiteboard and sticky paper notes.


OurBoards Kanban Boards are a unique solution to common problems associated with many Kanban settings. Standard whiteboards don’t give visual clarity to the information on them and the sticky paper notes often fall off the board.


OurBoards Kanban Boards come in seven designs to enable you to select the layout that best suits your specific processes. If you need something a little different then please contact us.


OurBoards Kanban Boards come in two sizes; A0 size is perfect for collaborative team working and A1 is more suitable for personal use or where space is at a premium. The design makes information clear and easy to see from anywhere in the room.


OurBoards Kanban Boards comes with sixteen standard column activity headings and a further four blank headings for you to create your own activities.

Task Notes

A0 size Kanban Boards come with 120 of our amazing Gecko Task Notes; 20 each of grey, blue, yellow, orange, green, red. A1 boards come with 10 Gecko Task Notes of each colour. Additional Gecko Task Notes can be purchased if necessary.


If you wish to customise your board with your company colours and logo please select the option to Add Logo on the product page.

Materials matter

The OurBoards Kanban board is manufactured as a sandwich consisting of a strong lightweight expanded foam base with a dry wipe laminate surface that enables you to write and wipe time and time again. Boards, headers and Gecko notes are all suitable for use with most dry wipe pens. Boards are fixed to the wall using 3M Command Strips which can be mounted on most non-papered walls and leave no sticky residue when removed.

“Gecko” laminate is so called because it is based on technology that mimics the tiny pads on a Gecko’s foot. “Gecko” laminate is an amazing new material, unique to OurBoards, that sticks to most smooth surfaces, such as laminated surfaces, wood, glass, whiteboards and smooth painted walls. Only dry wipe pens and cleaning sprays should be used.

How does Kanban work?

A Kanban board is a way of using individual notes to represent tasks to be done. The more important a task is, the higher up the board the note is placed. Every task starts at to do, and then as the task moves through its process the note is moved along to the doing column and then finally to the done column. This simple process is surprisingly powerful as it can be used to visualise multiple tasks at various stages in your processes very effectively. Colour can be used to highlight urgent tasks, frozen tasks and tasks requiring additional input. The system is as simple and flexible as you want it to be, you create your own coding scheme.

If your processes are more complicated than the simple to do, doing and done then we provide various board layouts with different numbers of columns and orientations. We also supply boards of different sizes to suit your needs and your budget.

Many organisations already use Kanban principles by drawing lines on whiteboards or glass panels and using post-it notes for tasks. I believe that having a custom designed, pre-printed board is not only more visually appealing but gives a higher sense of value to the tasks. We all know the flexibility of post it notes but we also know that they’re not usually long-lasting. Plus, it’s hard to change information on a post it note and still keep it easy to read and neat. OurBoards Gecko notes are incredibly flexible due to their non-magnetic, non-sticky self-cling backing layer and their dry-wipe surface. Gecko task notes will stick to most smooth surfaces and can be moved, written on, wiped and reused time and time again.

More Information

For more information about Kanban Boards try Wikipedia’s article en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanban_board