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OurBoards printed, dry-wipe, wall mounted boards are practical, flexible and visually appealing office resources. OurBoards can be supplied with a range of accessories, designed to support office applications such as sales planning, event planning, project planning and visualisation, production planning and personal task management.

OurBoards wall mounted boards are perfect for those wanting to manage and share information visually. The incredible Gecko Laminate accessories support the process of quickly displaying business information and easily changing priorities and displaying those events needing action. Where appropriate, employees can be empowered to contribute to management processes for fast and efficient updating of activity status information.

Who would use an Office OurBoard? Directors, Sales Teams, Production Teams, Project Teams, Planning Teams.

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How Organisations Are Using OurBoards

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Sales Planning Boards

Betel Manchester


I am currently using two OurBoards, one a Kanban Board, for development prioritisation board and the other for our sales pipeline.

The boards are a fantastic way to visualise both processes, so at a glance I can see where we are at with a certain client or where something might be blocked. In my view, this does not replace my CRM system but instead compliments it. They have the added bonus of being motivational tool as everybody across departments can see what is happening.

The company was easy to deal with and respectful of my logo guidelines; thoroughly recommend!

Susan Cooney, MahiFX

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