Now Next Boards

A Now and Next Board is a visual strategy used to help children and adults with language difficulties, behavioural issues, SEND or dementia to complete specific tasks.

Typical tasks that can be managed with a Now and Next board include morning routine, evening routine, leaving the house, taking medicine and “how to” tasks such simple food preparation. 

OurBoards Now Next Boards are lightweight, rigid, dry-wipe boards that will help you to help those in your care to complete specific tasks and learn to be more independent.

How to use

Reward Strategies

This strategy can work to displays two pictures, one on either side of the board. The “first” is usually a picture of a non-preferred activity and the “then” is a picture of a preferred activity.

Independence Strategies

Break a complex task, such as the morning routine, into steps. Use a mixture of your own photographs, clip art, hand drawings and notes to create a series of simple steps. Place the photos and notes into “Gecko” self cling pockets (you can also just use paper /card and blu-tack if you prefer) and stick them to the left side of the now and next board.

The person in your care can then do each simple step based on the picture. As each step is completed the person moves the step pocket (or card) from the left side to right to remind themselves that the step has been done.

Optional accessories

The OurBoards Now and Next board can be enhanced with OurBoards Gecko pockets.

  • The A4 board works with up to 4 x 95mm x 60mm pockets
  • The A3 board works with up to 6 x 95mm x 60mm pockets.



  • Dry Wipe
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • A4 board size = 21 cm x 30 cm
  • A3 board size = 30xm x 42 cm