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OurBoards printed, dry-wipe, table top and wall mounted boards are practical, flexible and visually appealing home resources for a wide range of uses including sequencing, visual schedule, memory, making choices, gross & fine motor control, English, Maths, etc.

In use, the tactile nature of the product has proved incredibly popular with children with autism who take to the board with enthusiasm. The simple design of the lesson mats, and the “write, wipe, repeat” process encourages children to develop and improve their skills, even when self-confidence is low.

OurBoards table top and wall mounted boards come with a range of “Gecko accessories”. The incredible Gecko Laminate accessories support the process of preparing multi-sensory sessions.

Hi, thanks very much, we received the OurBoard pack Tuesday and it is fabulous. Our little son had to get writing straight away. His latest obsession is golf scores and that’s what he was writing. Normally it’s a fighting match to get him writing. The OurBoard is amazing and I can’t wait until school term starts again so he can use it in school.
Regards Kelly (Parent)
One of our little boys wouldn’t engage at all with drawing. We left the tabletop OurBoard in the outside area and he chose to pick up the pen and starting making marks on the OurBoard. He drew circles round and round the edge of the board. This was the first time we had ever seen him draw.
Lesley (SEN Nursery Assistant)