OurBoards for Home Schooling

The boards featured in the video are:

When Home Schooling, it can be difficult to create routines, to help you provide a good balance between school and personal time and now, with more of us than ever finding ourselves with children at home, we’re all thinking of different ways we can create daily and weekly routines.

To help us plan and effectively communicate with our children, to help us set and reach their goals.

In this episode we’re focusing with Donna’s experience with her autistic son Sean, who have kindly shared with us their experience.

The tips, tricks and advice they have picked up on how they have used OurBoards, to help manage his daily and weekly routines.

“Is there any kind of tips and advice for any parents out there? Do you have have like a child such as Sean, who are perhaps struggling and anything that you’d like to give them advice wise?

Yeah, I’d like to just say just keep at it. So for instance, when when we said, I said to Sean about the boards at first he said, No thanks. And I said, alright, okay then, I think I’d like one. And we set it up. And he took responsibility for it straight away. So we set the board up every single day, and he got into the pattern of it. At first he didn’t want to take it with him. He didn’t want to do anything with it was like, well, it’s your choice. And it’s your thing. For sometimes when things get hard and try new things, you’ve got to just keep pushing through.”