Educational Consultant Partner Programme

OurBoards is actively looking for Educational / School Improvement Consultants to work with, in particular with respect to Learning Walls.

OurBoards will work with educational consultants, for mutual profit, to deliver learning improvement programmes into schools, based around OurBoards products, to improve quality and consistency of learning.

OurBoards will get revenue from selling products, consultants will get revenue from consultancy fees and commission on products.



  • To design the products
  • To design the literature with the benefits to management and teachers
  • To produce promotional materials
  • To provide sample and demonstration products
  • To design the implementation programme:
    • To create an initial school questionnaire
    • To create basic training script
  • To create a consultant’s online forum
  • To create a teacher’s online forum
  • To approach schools requiring improvement
  • To promote learning walls
  • To promote the partner consultants on the OurBoards website and through social media
  • To run local seminars in conjunction with consultants
  • To build up LinkedIn networks in the areas covered by consultants
  • To filter and qualify enquiries from schools



  • To promote OurBoards learning Walls:
    • Online e.g. LinkedIn
    • To existing client schools
  • To respond to enquiries from schools:
    • To make the initial visit
    • To submit a proposal for a training and learning improvement programme
    • To assist the school to order the appropriate number of products
    • To run the learning improvement programme
  • To be part of the OurBoards consultant forum to provide feedback and share case studies


If you’re possibly interested in the Consultant Partner Programme please get in touch.

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