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Do you live with dementia, either personally or as a carer? At OurBoards, we want to support you by providing beneficial, affordable dementia resources.

We understand that living with dementia personally can be unsettling and frustrating.

Caring for someone living with dementia is hard work physically, mentally and emotionally.  You need to use your energy and time in the best way possible, not only for the sake of the person that you’re caring for but also for your own sake.

At OurBoards we know that we don’t have a magic wand but we believe that we do provide resources that can help you to support the people in your care that are living with mild to moderate dementia .

OurBoards Premium Extended Weekly iCST Visual Calendar Boards are suitable for personal, family or professional use.

Carers, family members and friends can use an OurBoards Extended Weekly Calendar Board to support someone living with mild to moderate dementia by making it the focus of deliberate, structured conversation about reminders, things that are important to them, daily activities and long term memories.

By focusing conversation around the different elements of the board, carers can stimulate short and long term memory. Long term memories that are related to emotions can help create attachment to the board and therefore trust. If the person living with dementia trusts the board they will trust the information on it, which will reduce anxiety over day-to-day activities.


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