ADHD Resources

OurBoards ADHD resources can support your executive functioning to help with personal planning and behaviour self management


ADHD Resources

Caring for someone living with ADHD can be hard work physically, mentally and emotionally.  You need to use your energy and time in the best way possible, not only for the sake of the person that you’re caring for but also for your own sake.

Our board has been really helpful for our children to see what is coming up each week, easy to use and fun for the children to help change the pictures. I definitely recommend purchasing one. Leah Babbage

OurBoards ADHD Resources; Visual Timetable Boards, Personal Planning Boards and Behaviour and Anxiety Intervention Boards, are suitable for personal, family or professional use.

ADHD FoundationThese highly flexible and creative products are ideally suited to support planning and organisational skills for supporting children with ADHD, Autism and a range of other learning difficulties (neurodevelopmental) conditions”

Dr. Tony Lloyd PhD
CEO ADHD Foundation

How to use Weekly Visual Schedules for ADHD

Feel like your losing control? Get your life and work (home, school or office) back under control and manage all your “things to do” using a Personal Planning Board.

Executive functioning is that set of mental skills that help you to get things done.

Executive functioning helps you:

  • Manage time
  • Pay attention
  • Switch focus
  • Plan and organise
  • Remember details
  • Avoid saying or doing the wrong thing
  • Do things based on your experience
  • Multitask


Executive functioning deficiencies are likely to include problems with planning, organisation, time management, starting and completing tasks, switching from one activity to another, flexible thinking, working memory, emotional self-regulation and more.

A Personal Planning Board can act as an extension to your executive functioning.

ADHD Resources

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ADHD is not a behavioural condition.

It is true, however, that in some of presentations of ADHD an individual can find it hard to manage their own thoughts and behaviours. In such a setting an individual may benefit from professional support and visual tools that supplement their own cognitive functioning. At OurBoards we believe, passionately, that using external visual tools to support your own brain is not a sign a weakness or failure but simply a different way of processing information.

The Behaviour and Anxiety Intervention Tools that we offer are for use by an individual with support from a professional. We intend that they will used by an individual, with support, rather than done to them.

Each of the boards in the tool set can be used by itself as a dry-wipe board, using the design to structure communication. In order to enhance the visual and kinaesthetic learning benefits we supply a range of Gecko accessories. These are self cling pockets, notes and tags of various colours that enable a person to communicate in manageable phrases and use colour to supplement that information where appropriate.

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If you would like more information about how OurBoards Premium Extended Visual Timetables can be used to help your child please fill in the form and we would be delighted to arrange a video chat.

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OurBoards ADHD Resources