What we do

OurBoards designs and supplies visual communication boards to help everyone that facing challenges with understanding information, including those with neurodiversities and hidden disabilities, to reach their full potential.

Neurodiversities and hidden disabilities includes a range of thought processes, brain conditions and diversities including ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, FASD, Dementia, Down Syndrome, Strokes and Learning Disabilities.

We help this section of the population, and their families, to have a better quality of life at home, in school and in the office. The products can be used solely by the individual or in partnership with family members, support workers, carers and colleagues.

The Team

OurBoards Community Interest Company is a collaboration of the work of its three Directors; Neale and Heather Hayward-Shott and Howard Evans. The Team are passionate about producing resources which will enhance the lives of those in society who are often vulnerable, marginalised and deemed to have little self-worth through no fault of their own.

Neale & Heather Hayward-Shott

Neale and Heather live in a multigenerational family supporting both their adult daughter, who has learning disabilities, as well as Heather’s elderly father. They understand from personal experience the pressures and challenges facing people living with such conditions. They also bring a wealth of knowledge from their professional lives. Neale, as the owner of Harvest Consulting, an IT Consulting / Contracting business, and Heather from her 20 years’ experience as a Teaching Assistant – including working with children with learning disabilities.

OurBoards Heather Felicity Neale Hayward-Shott

Howard Evans

Howard’s entire working life has been in the advertising industry and for the past 17 years he has been Managing Director of Kingfisher Graphics Ltd, a large format digital print company working for blue chip clients such as Coca Cola, Nike and Adidas. He is responsible for the design and R & D of the boards to ensure each one produced fulfils the purpose for which it is intended.

Howard Evans