3M Command™ Large Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips, holds 1.8kg – 4 sets of strips


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The 3M Command™ Large Picture & Mirror Hanging Strips, holds 1.8kg for each pair of strips used and are perfect for easily wall mounting OurBoards. No drilling and need for a skilled maintenance person. One person can mount the board on the wall but it is easier with two.

If you decide to take your OurBoard down to move it to another position in the classroom then carefully removing the 3M Command hanging strips leaves no marks. We suggest that for best performance wall mounted OurBoards are mounted on smooth clean surfaces.

Features and Benefits:

Great for hanging wall mounted OurBoards.
Put up and take down OurBoards as often as you want, without the fear of marking or damaging walls.
Hang your OurBoards straight & level.
1 pack includes 4 pairs of interlocking adhesive strips.
Each pair includes 1 for wall and 1 for item to attach.
Once adhesive bonds, push the two strips together – each pair holds up to 1.8kg.
Once applied, pull apart and reattach as often as you like.
Easy to put up – no need for nails or screws.
High Perfomance Adhesive – Holds On Strongly.
Easy to remove – innovative stretch release technology leaves no surface damage.
Use more than 1 pair of large strips to hold:

1 Set = 1.8Kg (4lbs)
2 Sets = 3.6Kg (8lbs)
4 Sets = 7.2Kg (16lbs)
Command™Mirror Hangers and adhesive strips offer a new means of attaching, holding and hanging without the fear of wall damage or leaving adhesive residue.

Combining a genuinely effective high performance adhesive with a stretchable backing, Command™adhesive strips hold strongly, yet remove cleanly.

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