St Michael’s School in Flixton, Manchester use OurBoards to create new working wall space

St Michael's School Trafford Intervention Group Working Wall St Michael's School Trafford Intervention Group A4 Gecko Sheets St Michael's School Trafford Nursery Working Wall Outside Area Window St Michael's School Trafford Nursery Working Wall Outside Area Metal Shutters

St Michael’s C of E Primary School in Flixton have this to say “All children follow a broad and balanced curriculum and staff are continually looking for new and exciting opportunities to widen their learning experiences, capturing their interests and making each day challenging and engaging.”


With this view in mind their head teacher, Mrs Alison Drayton was quick to place her order with us for OurBoards table top OurBoards, wall mounted OurBoards, A4 Gecko pockets and A4 Gecko sheets. Mrs Drayton took the opportunity to use the boards to engage her Nursery children by putting the wall mounted OurBoards in their outside area. Due to the innovative Gecko backing layer the nursery OurBoards have been placed on previously unused surfaces, the metal shutters and windows. These surfaces, used for the OurBoards, now an everyday part of nursery life. Staff can use the boards to engage the children in their learning through play.

Intervention Group

Further up the school the OurBoard Working Walls are being use for small group intervention work. Like most schools, finding that quiet corner in a busy school can be difficult, so when a room is available maximum use of wall space is necessary. The school have mounted their boards onto cupboard doors at a height the children can interact with. In addition to the wall mounted boards the intervention groups also use A4 Gecko sheets for the children to write on and then place their work on the cupboard doors. This process encourages the children to feel that theio work is valued.


Unlike a fixed whiteboard, the flexibility of the Gecko OurBoards means that they can be moved around the school depending on the staff’s requirements. This allows the teachers to capture the children’s attention simply and quickly by moving the boards to a new area. The table top boards are light and easy to move around and can be wiped clean ready for a new lesson and a change of subject.

St Michael’s C of E chose their wall mounted OurBoards to with a wood design frame with a cream interior, following the current OFSTED recommendations, to enhance the children’s work, enabling them to clearly display the work they have done and the progress they are making.

We consider it a privilege at OurBoards to support busy staff by developing a product that will capture children’s attention and engage them in such a way that encourages the learner and supports the teacher.

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