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Table top boards and mats

Charnwood started by introducing the OurBoard table top mats during their day time sessions. The mats were placed on the tables for the children to explore. The staff were delighted by how quickly the children were engaged, some moving the boards on to the floor to further explore what they could do with them. Children who had previously shown no interest in drawing or writing were using the pens to mark on the mats. With guidance from staff some of the more able children began to draw within lines on the various mats forming their own simple patterns and developing the skills required to write themselves. The mats have also aided development of numeracy skills from simply sorting objects onto the square overlays and developing dice games on the mats to writing numerals and matching Numicon pieces to the numeral.

The OurBoard table top mats were also found to be very durable, the children could move them around the table or onto the floor and they quickly wiped clean leaving the boards ready to be used again. Charnwood are now trialling them at their satellite settings for two year olds and also outdoors to test their durability even further.

Working Walls

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Charnwood decided to add three OurBoard working walls to their Nursery choosing the simple wood frame boards with cream interiors in keeping with OFSTED requirements. These boards came with a range of accessories including A4 pockets, speech bubbles, shapes and comment strips, all in self-cling “Gecko” material. This has widened the use of OurBoards within the nursery enabling the staff to use the boards for general planning, ‘In the moment’ planning and next steps. Photographs are taken of the boards to keep an ongoing record of planning development. The staff are now looking at the potential of using the OurBoard working walls for each family group to display annotated pieces of work and photographs where the children have ownership of the display.

This video is a short section of a presentation by Charnwood Nursery and Family Centre on best practice operating an Outstanding Inclusive Nursery.

This snippet talks about how Charnwood use their OurBoards Working Walls. The presentation was given as part of the Stockport Education EYFS Conference 2017.

Benefits of using Working Walls mentioned in the presentation are:

  • Reduce stress and strain of paperwork
  • Staff make notes to share about the children
  • Different sizes for different settings
  • Team collaboration
  • Enables the children contribute
  • Weekly photograph for record of observations, notes and decisions over time

About Charnwood

Charnwood Nursery is a three times Outstanding OFSTED Nursery who have exceptional high standards of teaching. OurBoards are delighted to contribute towards these high standards by producing a product that supports their teachers and encourages the children to make progress.

Charnwood Trust is a Christian charity providing inclusive nursery education and family support. We believe that every child, irrespective of their ability, support needs or background, has inherent worth, promise and purpose, however long or short their life might be. We support parents and carers to nurture their child in a loving family environment. Through learning and playing together, the children are helped to value and care about each other, whatever their difference.

Update 01/12/16

Just to let you know our Working walls are a real big hit with the staff. We had another planning meeting last night and they are thrilled with the way they are working. I’m particularly pleased as it appears that the children themselves are inputting into the planning because of the style of the boards. I think they could be a real asset to any setting.

Kind Regards

Cath Carr-Deed
Head Teacher

Charnwood Nursery and Family Centre