Classroom Behaviour Boards – a Case Study

Steve Bassett – July 2017

I was asked to add capacity to the leadership team of a large and challenging primary school. It became immediately obvious that behaviour had slipped during the prolonged absence of the headteacher and that behaviour was the number one priority. The two deputies who were acting co-headteachers agreed. The task was not just about tackling the deteriorating behaviour of a significant number of pupils across the school before it reached a critical tipping point. It was much more about providing a positive means of recognising, valuing, celebrating and promoting the excellent attitudes to learning and behaviour that were being demonstrated by the majority of pupils, day in and day out.

I devised, using card and paper, a prototype Behaviour Board. After a few minor adjustments, and a staff meeting to bring all teaching and non-teaching staff on board, the system was introduced to the pupils. Staff and pupils alike were immediately enthusiastic and recognised the Behaviour Boards’ potential to bring an easily manageable, consistent and positive approach to the school’s existing discipline policy and procedures.

Paper Behaviour chart

Within days, the impact was obvious and a renewed positivity was palpable around school. The large majority of the challenging pupils were clearly taking more responsibility for their own attitude and behaviour, making more positive choices and becoming engaged with what the system had to offer. The ‘always positive’ pupils were reaping the benefits of recognition, awards and rewards that the system afforded them.

During a visit from an education officer in those first few days, he remarked in reference to the improved attitudes to learning and behaviour he was observing around school, “Great job. What a difference”.

The SLT regularly visited classrooms several times a day to offer support to teachers and to monitor and advise on the consistent use of the new boards, With a few more minor adjustments the impact continued to increase rapidly until after two to three weeks, near-total engagement with the new system had been achieved. The pupils’ attitudes to learning and behaviour in classrooms and around school had improved enormously.

OurBoards Classroom Behaviour Board With Name Tags

At this point, I contacted OurBoards and, together with their creative designer, we developed what one member of the SLT called “a beautiful board”, The rainbow-coloured Behaviour Board is now in use consistently throughout the school and continues to have a very positive impact on attitudes to learning and behaviour.

Steve Bassett – July 2017

“During the first half of the summer term, Steve Bassett worked with us to improve behaviour throughout our large, challenging primary school. At first, we introduced his ‘handmade’ behaviour boards which made an immediate and very positive impact in two ways: firstly, they engaged the disruptive and challenging pupils and motivated them to take responsibility for their own behaviour and secondly, they gave us a means by which we could recognise, celebrate and reward those children, the majority in fact, who had an excellent attitude to their learning and behaved really well, day in, day out. Once established, we then bought the boards as produced by “OurBoards” and they continue to make a very positive contribution to the much-improved standard of behaviour throughout the school.”

ST and CW – Acting Co-Headteachers -Berkshire