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  • The OurBoards Premium Extended Visual Timetables do more than “regular” paper visual timetables

  • Personalise the board with your own photographs or use images and clipart from the Internet and users will engage rather than just use

  • The user can choose their own personal images themselves and place them in the amazing, self cling Gecko pockets with no need for laminating

  • Add notes using any dry-wipe pen to expand on the pictures, to make it personal to the user and to take ownership of the board

  • Update the board at the end of the day as a reminder of what has been achieved and to use as a conversation starter with family and friends

  • And because it’s a dry-wipe board any mistakes can be corrected without any messy crossing out, so the board always looks neat and tidy

  • The beautiful graphics printed on a weatherproof, lightweight foam core give the board its premium feel and bestow a positive sense of self worth

  • Premium because we make them out of premium materials, it has premium design and it has the option for Gecko self pockets

  • Extended because the daily and weekly extended boards have four sections for each day/activity so that you can do so much more than just list upcoming activities

  • Independence · Ownership · Engagement · Involvement · Routine · Conversation · Enjoyment · Self Confidence · Communication

Why is the OurBoards Premium Extended Weekly Timetable better than other visual timetables that you may have used? Click here to read why

Using an OurBoards Visual Timetable Boards can help your child, or adult in in your care, to understand the activities coming up, either today or this week. By using a flexible, visual tool you can support that person to make their own choices. As well as future activities, the board is designed to enable you, or them, to update the timetable with what has happened. Using the visual timetable to talk through the week coming and the activities done encourages conversation skills, which enhance relationships outside immediate family and carers.

OurBoards Visual Timetable Boards or Visual Schedule Boards are quicker to prepare, easier to use and more robust than a paper schedule. The layout of the board has been designed, in conjunction with parents and professionals, to combine distinct spaces for pictures and notes whilst not overwhelming senses.

Three versions of Visual Timetable Boards are available:

  • Table Top Daily Timetable Board
  • Table Top Weekly Timetable Board
  • Wall Mounted Weekly Timetable Board

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Read a Diary of a Timetable, how one young adult uses their OurBoards Visual Timetable Board

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Most of us do not follow a visual timetable for our time at home. However, individuals with ASD have greater difficulties coping with unstructured time than neurotypical people and benefit from increased structure in their lives (Van Bourgondien et al. (2003)

The advantages to using a visual timetable with individuals with ASD include (Mesibov et al., 2005):

  • It utilises the individual’s visual strengths and therefore provides a receptive communication system to increase understanding;
  • It helps the individual to learn new things and broaden their interests;
  • It provides tools that allow the individual to use skills in a variety of settings;
  • It can increase the individual’s flexibility;
  • It helps the individual remain calm and reduces inappropriate behaviors; and
  • It helps the individual to develop independence and resulting self-esteem.


There is clear research evidence regarding the benefits of using visual schedules with individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (e.g., Mesibov, et al, 2002; Massey & Wheeler, 2000; Bryan & Gast, 2000). Additionally, a wealth of anecdotal evidence exists. For example, a parent was asked to share the most helpful thing that she had tried with her son (a 15 year old with a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism). She replied that a visual schedule has been the key to increasing his independence and managing his anxiety. She reflected that she wished more parents knew about the difference this would make for both their lives and for that of their child.

Indiana Resource Center for Autism: Using Visual Schedules: A Guide for Parents
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How to use a Visual Timetable Board

Every person is different and the content of the schedule will therefore vary enormously. Here are some examples of how we would imagine the boards being used. The images can be mounted on the boards using blue tack or, for additional ease of use and convenience, using our optional accessory A7 Gecko Self-Cling Pockets.

OurBoards Table Top Weekly Visual Schedule Board - Example OurBoards Table Top Daily Visual Schedule Board - Example OurBoards Wall Mounted Weekly Visual Schedule Board - Example 2OurBoards Wall Mounted Weekly Visual Schedule Board - Example