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Lisa’s story

I have been using a homemade velcro weekly visual timetable for over a year for my son who is 5. He has high-functioning autism and can get very anxious if he cannot refer to the plan for his week. His homemade Planner, whilst still useful, really was just a visual reminder with very little 2-way interaction.I ordered a Weekly Planner from OurBoards and when it arrived the first thing I was impressed with was the quality of the board. It is lightweight but is sturdy and wipes clean far easier than most whiteboards I’ve used previously. The self-cling pockets are genius! It makes it so easy to adapt the Planner and slot in pictures for any occasion. And the pockets stick to most doors and walls in our house which makes them really versatile for other visual prompts when we need them.

The best thing of all is that the OurBoards Weekly Planner has encouraged my son to want to write about his day – simple things at the moment like ‘good day’ or ‘fun’ but I’m confident that he’ll want to do this more as his writing skills improve.

Most of all, my son sees this as his Planner and he wants to be involved in decisions as we change it each week.

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Do you live with Autism or ADHD, either personally or as a carer? At OurBoards, we want to support you by providing helpful, affordable autism resources.

We understand that living with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ADHD personally can be unsettling, frustrating and cause considerable anxiety.

We believe that society needs educating to understand how to relate to people that have non-typical brain development.

We believe that society should celebrate all people who wish to contribute positively.

Caring for someone living with autism is hard work physically, mentally and emotionally.  You need to use your energy and time in the best way possible, not only for the sake of the person that you’re caring for but also for your own sake.

At OurBoards we know that we don’t have a magic wand but we believe that we do provide resources that can help you to support the people in your care that are living with autism.

OurBoards Premium Extended Weekly Visual Timetable Boards and Now and Next Boards are suitable for personal, family or professional use.

Lin’s Story

I bought one of the ‘Daily Timetable’ boards for my son a few months ago. He is 13 and I wanted to update his old visual timetable now he is a bit older. It is absolutely fantastic. We bought a variety of coloured pens to go with it and my son loves it. The Gecko pockets are a superb idea and allow us to still use some pecs and put photos on the board as well as writing on it!

We are going away tomorrow and found the board doesn’t fit in our case so have ordered a smaller ‘now and next’ board and more smaller Gecko pockets that should arrive today!

Customer service was fantastic.

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Keep the board up to date with each day’s activities. Use the first two rows for details of what’s happening using words and pictures. Pictures, such as photographs of activities and visits, can be mounted in the panels using Gecko self-cling pockets. The third row can be used to highlight activities that have been particularly positive. These notes inform further conversations, prolonging or repeating the benefit.

OurBoards Visual Timetable Boards or Visual Schedule Boards are quicker to prepare, easier to use and more robust than a paper schedule. The layout of the board has been designed, in conjunction with parents and professionals, to combine distinct spaces for pictures and notes whilst not overwhelming senses.

Three versions of Visual Timetable Boards are available:

Table Top Daily Timetable Board
Table Top Weekly Timetable Board
Wall Mounted Weekly Timetable Board

Why is the OurBoards Premium Extended Weekly Timetable better than other visual timetables that you may have used? Click here to read why

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